You and I

May 31, 2009
By Macy Amsden SILVER, Wichita, Kansas
Macy Amsden SILVER, Wichita, Kansas
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You try to put a label on me
You try to put me in a category
You try to figure me out
You try to analyze me

You ask me why I’m so mad
You say why you think I’m angry
You tell me goodbye once again
You close the door and never look back

You tell me I need to be nicer to you
You tell me about your life with him
You don’t understand why I’m unhappy
You expect the perfect truth from me

The truth
The truth will be painful for you to hear,
and more painful for me to speak the words.
I want your happiness more than anything in the world
Yet, your happiness with him brings me my unhappiness

I’m sorry
I want your happiness to be my happiness
I want to be a better person
I want you to understand me without having to shout from the rooftops
I want you to open your eyes and be okay with me without running to him

I want to believe in you
I want your actions to match your words
I want to feel peace again
Damn. Why can’t we ever get what we want when we want it?

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