Hurtful Becomings

May 31, 2009
By Macy Amsden SILVER, Wichita, Kansas
Macy Amsden SILVER, Wichita, Kansas
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i don’t like what I have become
i don’t know who I am anymore.
i have changed somewhere amongst the trees of shadow
i lost sight of the sunshine
i am bitter and unkind
i am afraid and closed in
how did i let you make me this way
how did i let your ignorance of me, ignorant of others
i don’t want to be you
i shed tears of regret
tears of self loath
we don’t understand each other
you lied, you disappeared, you transformed
you changed me with an unintentional force
it hurts, im not strong enough
i lack the will, the faith, the belief
i am not strong enough, the hurt
the trust is gone
the over sought, the soloist
i remember now
what was once lost now clear
the days of my rebellion
and nothing short of your hush
the hurt, im not strong enough
i am angry
the person you used to be,
the person you have become,
the person i wish
my being of this wish making my become

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