Forgive Me?

May 31, 2009
By Anonymous

With a regretful heart,
a restless soul,
a pair of teary eyes,
and open arms,
I’m Sorry.

For everything I’ve shamefully done,
everything we’ve become,
every heartbreaking tear shed
and agonizing glance,
I’m Sorry.

With every bone in my weary body,
with every beat of my aching heart,
with every cry of my piercing soul,
and longing plea,
I’m Sorry.

If nothing else, trust me with this,
comply to my one, selfless wish,
believe my sincere utterance
and hear me out when i say,
I’m Sorry.

Will this ever end?
Will this pain ever cease to plague my heart?
Will you ever look at me as an equal once more?
Will you ever…forgive me?

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