The whole idea makes me feel...

May 31, 2009
By xo.simone BRONZE, Hamtramck, Michigan
xo.simone BRONZE, Hamtramck, Michigan
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The whole idea makes me feel
Like I am twitching with heartache,
Something I’ve never felt before.
Only once have I felt it, and it was now.
It was like a hundred razors
With the edges slicing my skin.
You tell me it’s ok,
It’s too early to feel.
But that is because you
Have forgotten what life,
Means to others and the different
Perspective you’re in.
But I can lie on my bed,
And remember every digit.
At four I was a Barbie with wings.
I could fly and be free from boring cartoons.
At six I was a piece of ancient history.
At nine I was nothing more but a dreamer.
But now I am lying here again, wondering.
Back then it was easy,
But now it’s hard, heart breaking.
And my life never was so hard,
And tiring as it is today.
Especially with the new comers in my life.
This is the beginning of closure,
I say as I am no longer going to
Put myself though pain, or suffer.
It is time to say good-bye to the past.
Time to take on good look and walk away.
It seems only yesterday I used to believe,
That life was more than just fun and games.
But now, when you came into my life
I have been nothing but reckless.
This is me on turning thirteen.

The author's comments:
--Billy Collins ORIGINALLY made this poem, we also did this as a class assignment and all my fellow classmates and i had to do was make a replica of this poem, using are own words with the fill in blanks. i liked how mine turned out. (: -- enjoy.

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