May 30, 2009
By jessicaELECTRICA BRONZE, South Elgin, Illinois
jessicaELECTRICA BRONZE, South Elgin, Illinois
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I will not speak
a single word
for I fear that it
will be too much
but foolish me
words could not say
could not explain
the torments of this lust

I empty thoughts
from my head
let me think clearly,
as I allow my self to shed
this clever cover,
designed to withstand
to protect myself from
the ways you make me feel

It's such a shame
I find that
I've fallen captive
to this gruesome trap.
please, free me from
this broken heart
that's all worn out
and find a way to see

To think that I
may never be
as wholesome as before
that words can't heal
and none will numb
this anguished heart
this constant bother
except, for maybe you

Foolish girl,
do you think
it would cure this wretch?
that lust could mimic love?
You know it can't
but still you try
to wage a war, you unwise girl

Just try and explain
your wrongs and
to yourself be true
I cannot say aloud,
be misleading,
convince myself
that this plan is foolproof

It is true,
I am weak,
I cannot fight with
these servile lips
against a beating heart
oh, what am I to do
if I will never win

Work with me here,
just stay near
hear pathetic thoughts
I'm fatuous
which I hope explains
this misguided infatuation

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