Eternal Bruise

May 30, 2009
By EcoChick4 BRONZE, Springfield, Ohio
EcoChick4 BRONZE, Springfield, Ohio
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You gave me this eternal bruise,
and theres no turning back.
You've already cut me deep,
the damage is already done.
My salty tears are not held back,
I just can't hide my pain.
I had a lasting love for you,
too bad my love is in vein.
Those three words held me on,
You said them tried and true,
What was I to do?
I believed in you,
fell for you hard.
I don't know what I'd say,
If you were standing here today.
Maybe its just the flow of things
Thats keeping my heart in place.
Just making sure you know,
You left me in pieces,
Without a heart to spare.

The author's comments:
This loosely comes from a sudden breakup that i truely was not prepared for. I wish it hadn't happened, but yet im not sure if I'd ever go back. So this is for all the girls out there who need support or feel like it was their fault. Its not, too bad the guy's stupid enough to not realize that.

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