A Stream of Sub-consciousness

May 30, 2009
By Daniel Didok GOLD, Boiling Springs, South Carolina
Daniel Didok GOLD, Boiling Springs, South Carolina
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Do you know why I love you?
Do you know where the love grows?
On the tree by the river?
Where’s the trunk? Ask the neighbor.
Run away, run away.
Do you know where the love grows?
There’s a plant on the window.
Wave goodbye; there’s absolutely no time for hello.
Sometimes you think it, but you don’t know.
Is the grass greener on the side that love grows?
There’s a sunflower in the wheat field.
There’s a lump below my elbow.
There’s a creek that I used to run through.
There’s a boy sneaking through the cracks of the governmental fence,
He makes himself thinner with the teeth tense.
Lime green balls are always worth it,
As are newly discarded sofas and fast food toys.
I’m from the spiraling spuds of Lockart Maple,
from the wet dog park of bitter green fruit,
From the cherry table of chinese church cuisine.
I’m from the little engine’s toot.
I’m from the candy man at the corner,
10 yards from the burning bush.
Throwing snow from the public bus.
From the tree height relieving the push.
Oh, oh, oh.
“Out the door; Come on; faster”
You’re late as it is.
Don’t talk with your mouth full.
Check the door knob twice just to make sure.
Through the gate…
and up the tree.
Morning pushups are just more fun.

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