Lies of Love

June 1, 2009
By Victor Villaneuva BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Victor Villaneuva BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I feel the world is crashing down on my heart
The woman I love isn’t true to me
Should I cry?
No, not me
But the pain
I can’t bare anymore
my heart is penetrated by lies
and uncertainty
I want to feel blinded
but I know it’s there
It’s hard to believe
my first love isn’t true
but in this world you are told to
but it’s hard when you have to make a choice
to an angel in your eyes that you love
I’m so deep in this love that the pain that courses
through my veins
Can’t cloud my mind
with negative thoughts of
When she still says she loves me
But sometimes
I can see it in her eyes
That it was a lie
I make a choice every day
should I stay alive or should I die
Why does this pain of love
hurt me this way?
I gaze at a picture and think
if this is pain it came to me
in a beautiful face
Through other people’s eye’s
What I’m going through
it is a disgrace
That’s why I go to school everyday
It’s worth it just to see her face
My heart crumbles to the ground
when I hear this sound
“Baby I love you”
because it’s all a lie

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