Pass or Fail?

May 28, 2009
Pass or Fail?

I’ve been tested for the last time
What you proctor is not standardized
But one of a kind
Individualized and conformed to my weakness for a welcoming smile

A perfect selection is impossible to make
These “multiple choice” answers
They give way to just one solution

Not to be judged by a scoring system
I can only pass or fail here
Questions seem to persist like the years endured
There is no way to ‘skip and return later’

The answer key consists only of your approvals
So take hold of your red pen
And continue to edit my dedicated admissions
Set me right with your corrections

I’ll adhere to your marks and suggestions
You know that a perfectionist couldn’t accept failure
There is no question
I’ve been taking and retaking this test since the day you made me your pupil

My results will decide our future
Only this time my sharpened pencil will share truly desired answers
I suppose I have not met your requirements with this one either
For below each inconsiderate, judgmental, and uncaring question you’ve written you will find the words:

“I pass and you fail.”

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