Is someone with the kids?

May 27, 2009
By David Dragovich BRONZE, Arlington Hts., Illinois
David Dragovich BRONZE, Arlington Hts., Illinois
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Is someone with the kids?

“Is someone with the kids?”
“Well, we won’t be long.
I left them both in the tub with the toaster to play with.
I also left the window open for some fresh air
and sleeping pills within reach if they decide to go to bed early.”

“Is someone with the kids?”
don’t worry.
I found someone looking through our trash before I left.
I offered him the babysitting job; he quickly accepted.”

“Is someone with the kids?”
“No. Actually,
I forgot that you and I conceived children
and came straight here excited about our fancy dinner tonight.”

“Is someone with the kids?”
“I’m sure someone is.
I left a handwritten note nailed to the front door
with the location of the spare key,
and I thought I saw a few people walking towards the house.
They should see it.”

“Is someone with the kids?”
as you are the only good parent here.
It’s good that you are responsible though; I’m leaving you.
You can keep them.
I’d run home fast if I were you; I left the oven on.”

“Is someone with the kids?”
“A lot of people are.
I said they could invite over some responsible people.
I left them money and my ID
in case they wanted some food or to rent a movie.”

“Is someone with the kids?”
I was so excited to come and see you.
We were playing in the park, and I remembered our dinner.
I dropped Junior and ran here.”

“Is someone with the kids?”
We were in the park and I found a nice couple
herding their kids into their unmarked van.
I asked if they could watch the kids.
They said yes and told me where to pick them up at.
Do you know where Pseudo Street is?”

“Is someone with the kids?”
I purposely left the kids alone.
Before coming here,
I thought about all the planning needed for them and decided,
‘nope, too much,’ and left.”

“Is someone with the kids?”
“Oh, yeah,
funny story about that.
You know how you took the smoke detector batteries out for the remote? …”

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