Where I'm From

May 27, 2009
By Anonymous

I'm from goal to kick-off and bumping to setting.
From Washington to Maine and long car rides.
Sewing machines to homemade quilts.
From Taylor Swift to Toby Keith.
I'm from Crumbley to Jungbauer.
Checkbooks and calculators to cranes and steel.
From skyscrapers to barns.
From Nimitz High School to Gonzales High.
Barbies and easy bake ovens.
From I'm bored to leave me alone.
From noodles and pizza.
From playing with my cat to doing schoolwork.
In a scrapebook on a shelf are the stories of the past to the journal in my desk are the stroies of my mom's childhood.
On grows another branch that branches off to me.
Then the branch begins to grow into another new branch.

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