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May 27, 2009
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The end of the match draws near
As my throat swells in anticipation
I see the clock on the wall

It has 30 seconds left
I have 12 points

He has 14
I begin to worry

What if I don't win?

What if I don't get one last take down?

Will I be dropped from the team if I don't win?

Are my parents going to be disappointed?

We mess around for about 15 seconds

Then my adrenaline starts to pump

And I come to the conclusion that I must attempt one last take down
With 15 seconds left on the clock, I think about the move the I will do to destroy him

There is only one way to get him down and keep him down

And that is...

the barbed wire

7 seconds left on the clock
It's time to make my move

I go in for the double "A" take down
His back slams against the ground and I feel happy

It's time to roll him over

I grab his left arm with my right and roll on the mat

4 seconds to go

"You're going down this time"

I grab his right arm and hold him down

The ref comes over to us and yells

"3, 2, 1" DONE!!!!!!!!!

.....I won......I WON......I WON!!!!......I WON!!!!!!!......I FREAKING WON!!!!!
I let the guy up and we shake hands

And suddenly it hits me that I just won all of my matches
I have never won every single match before

I run back to my team and they all pick me up and run around with me

I sit for a bit and watch some more matches

Now it's time for the awards ceremony
.....5th place

.....4th place

.....3rd place

.....2nd place winner is.....Noah Aguirre.....(*screams and yells from the crowd*)

.....and our 1st place, California State Champion of High School Wrestling is.....Catee Steiger!!!! (*crowd gets wild*)

I run up there

And at this moment there are only two things that matter

1. The actual medal and trophy

2. And how fast my little stubby legs can get me up to the podium

I am running up the stairs
And I'm so excited that I almost fall up the stairs (who does that?)

I look up and there are is the medal and the trophy

The announcer is holding it

It seems as though there is a gold light around it

But now I realize that I'm just being weird and imagining things

I walk up the rest of the stairs with my head held high, and my face in the sort of smile where it feels as if it is going to break

Mr. Prado places the medal around my neck

And the trophy in my hands

And the camera flashes go wild

.....Like nothing I've ever seen before

As I look among the people in the crowd.......I see my parents

And I suddenly feel as though I have fulfilled everything I've ever worked for

My life feels.........


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