May 27, 2009
By Sarah Aalbers SILVER, Boise, Idaho
Sarah Aalbers SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Although they annoy me
Are quite beautiful and sweet
When they choose to be very few instances we meet

They make me feel protected
But at the same time scared
That my life’s in danger
Thus always I’m prepared

Bubbles float up and down
Emotions of a coaster
They make me cry sometimes
“Out of the frying pan into the toaster”

Bubbles pop within moments
But one just will not burst
I’m sick of it, of him, his lies
I’m sick of being hurt

But yet I know I will survive
This hard and reckless journey
I’ll work for what I love
And I will relish all my earnings

Love is hard; I’ve learned that well
But never shall I perish
I’m through with all the questionings
I’m me and that will be knowledge I can cherish

Whether he can come around
Or whether he stays blind
Isn’t up to me, now can’t you see?
A love like his, I may never find

Bubbles come and then they go
They burst into thin air
But there’s just one I want to stay with me
He is the one I swear

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem about my crush Parker. My best friend Haley's brother Caleb calls him BUBBLES thus i wrote this metaphoric poem about him. the reason i said i'm sick of him and his lies is because he hates me and treats me like crap. if u have any comments on my situation please feel free to comment on this or any of my other poems. also, if ur comments are dirrected at Parker, please leave him comments on his amazing poetry, he also has a teenink account. thank you! i love you all!

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