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May 27, 2009
By Sarah_xxx BRONZE, Someplace, Other
Sarah_xxx BRONZE, Someplace, Other
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Shouts, screams, yells and cries
Arguing constantly over petty lies,
Hands over my hears praying for it to stop,
Hoping and hoping for the noise level to drop.

When the roaring begins there's no where to hide,
Believe me, I've tried and tried,
My best hope is to let my music rage,
Lock myself up tight in my own little cage,

Let my music drown out the screams and shouts,
Help refrain from the small ounce of doubt,
My music blazing, the volume on high,
While I wait for the noise to die.

When it's over I turn my music right down,
Then there's nothing left for my music to drown,
When it's over there's almost peace,
The bellowing has finally ceased.

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