Part Two

May 27, 2009
By Taylor Horn BRONZE, Newman, Illinois
Taylor Horn BRONZE, Newman, Illinois
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Part Two

It felt like jumping off a cliff with a beautiful view,
Then, just before you hit the clear river below,
It disappears.
Needles appear pointing at you.
You scream helplessly,
Wanting the needles to become fluffy pillows.
You hit the needles.
Your blood oozes out of your open wounds;
Like thoughts in your mind right now.
But what can you do?
Your body is pinned.
You can’t move.
You can’t speak.
No one is helping you up.
You are on your own to pick yourself up.

There are always two choices in life;
You can go towards what looks like the best path,
Or you can go on the hard path and fight your way to the finish line.
The choice is yours.
Act now.

The author's comments:
This is a series to "Part One" and "Part Two" just reflects how i felt about what my two friends had done to me in deeper detail.

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