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May 27, 2009
By abby wells BRONZE, Aclou, South Carolina
abby wells BRONZE, Aclou, South Carolina
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A mask of plastic happiness often covers my sadness
my beliefs hidden from all whom I know
Afraid, but willing to face the unidentified
Wondering where my place is in this life
boy have I come close to sharing myself with the love of my life
but I Never completely revealing anything to him
Feelings of undetectable chains trap me
When I dream, reality shatters before me as a nightmare
Accomplishments I strives for just at arm length but I fail to seizes it every time,
I feels lost now and again, not yet finding my place in this world
At times the twinkle in my eyes slowly disappear
But within my heart a silent flame burns from my inside and out
I roams day by day, on stage
Strength unsuspectingly resides in me
History repeats itself once again u see
The translucent veil I so arrogantly wears
Little by little answers will come, pushing it aside
One day I will have to end this masquerade
One day my way of life will be identified
One day I'll know my place in this time
One day I will share myself with the one I love
ONE DAY this mask will be destroyed

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