Ruins of Babylon

May 27, 2009
By The_Madcap GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
The_Madcap GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
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Memories haunt me everytime I see you
babylon collapses under the might of the Persian.
Bold remarks I make when your not there
When you are I run away.

I walk around, knee deep in sand,
The clear blue sky and the scorching sun.
A vulture flies around, waiting to peck out my dead heart,
A vulture in the guise of a lady with a rose.

All around me I see the ruins of Babylon
All its inhabitants are dead or gone
I rest in the shade of what was once a temple
And I ask what went wrong...

I ran there hoping you were
And I left in disapointment
A taste of failure and sand and death
As I wake up from my dreams,
I realise still

You aren't here...

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