The girl in the corner

May 27, 2009
By tori14 BRONZE, Oneida, Illinois
tori14 BRONZE, Oneida, Illinois
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I can't help who i am
And I'm not going to be something i'm not.

People say that the worst thing is to lose someone they love
but you cant lose something you never had.

i thought the only way was to say goodbye
thats what everyone told me

you taught me to be my self
and never let a guy get to my heart like you did

we tried to be friends
but we all know how that worked out

we used to talk about everything
like the first day of school i told you about the cute guy at the pool

you started to laugh
and i just laid my head on youre shoulder and said "God i missed you"

You just smiled and said same here
you were my best friend

when you ignored me that hurt
and i thought i'd never be the same

you made me think a lot
and with out you i wouldnt be who i am today

Now youre with her
and as for me im just the girl in the corner waiting for her prince charming.

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