In My School

May 27, 2009
By Fiona Smallman SILVER, Montclair, New Jersey
Fiona Smallman SILVER, Montclair, New Jersey
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In my school you can look around the classroom and see kids of all different kinds, dark kids, light kids, Spanish kids, all kinds
In my school when the lunch bell rings its music to everybody’s ears, the cacophony of voices in the cafeteria is like nice calming back round music to your conversation
In my school rumors are spread around more than people breathe in the oxygen, they don’t even stop to hear the truth, the rumor goes in one person and out of that person into the next, it’s the same cycle every time
In my school friends stick up for friends but sometimes don’t know when to stop, they are mean to other people just because their friend is in a fight with them
In my school if you’re not popular enough to sit at a certain table then your not anyone at all, even if you’re a great person
In my school some people rise above everything and become the best that they can be while others are crushed beneath everybody else and unable to live up to their full potential
In my school a homeroom is like a family, we come to know each other really well and even though we fight we are all good friends
In my school you can find kids that are up to no good and kids that are amazing at everything they do
In my school life long friends are made
You may call my school harsh and crazy because of what kids do but kids are just being themselves through and through, it’s what were asked to do and what we do do, my school is Mt. Hebron

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