The Dark Side of Me

May 27, 2009
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No matter what day it is,
Or what time it is,
It’s always there beside me.

It changes the direction
Without me noticing it
As the time ticks by slowly…

Always being my company,
It sometimes annoys me
From following me around like a puppy.

In the morning or afternoon,
It plays with me by stepping
On top of each other.

However, when the sun falls down,
And the night appears, it stalks me around,
So it fears me.

No matter what you are, or what you do,
Everyone has one behind them like
Part of their soul.

It’s impossible to get rid of it,
Unless you are invisible,
Like a ghost.

It is always covered up,
With dark black mask,
And black coat.

Well… it’s time to reveal
The shadow of me…

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