May 27, 2009
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Crazed eyes gaze upon me
Grins stretch ear to ear
Blood dripping down the walls
And puddling within the cracks in the road
They thought I was crazy
Standing there alone-
But they were the ones with the knives
Held to my throat.
There was no reason,
Or motive
Behind it all.
And with that
I became an addition to the bloody hand printed walls 
Collecting all around
As I watched from above
The scene now unfolding
Only one figure stood still-
A knife that their bloody hand was still holding
The other people looked composed,
Compared to before;
They slipped on their top-hats
And were oblivious to the surrounding gore
They walked on through the streets
Business on their mind;
Ignoring the splash beneath their feet
Leaving their deranged acts behind
Now standing alone
Looking that stranger in the eyes
I could see through his stare
I could see through his lies
I just wondered why
I was left there
I couldn’t wake up
My thoughts chaining me
To this nightmare

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