The Key to my Heart

May 27, 2009
By Seoyeon Kim BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Seoyeon Kim BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Walking down the path of the rose garden,
The silver moonlight shown upon me.
The dark silky hair of mine danced together,
With the midnight breeze.

Looking up at the dark blue sky,
I wondered where the key to my heart is.
Counting the golden stars above me,
I anxiously concerned what if I’ll never find it.

To open up my unsettled heart,
I quickly searched for my key.
I did not waste every second,
Every minute, every hour, and every day.

Next morning, standing by the white window,
I looked outside, while I enjoyed the summer sunshine.
Suddenly, my calm heart stroked hardly.
There he was… the key to my heart…

Quickly, I sprinted through the stairs like a deer
As my white lacy dress shadowed behind me.
With the exciting and nervous feelings,
I ran outside with my bare feet.

However, it was too late…
There was no one out there,
Except for me standing in the middle of
The quite empty street.

Regretting how I lost the chance to open up my heart…
I walked back to home feeling invisible,
With my sunken shoulders,
Thinking how foolish I am.

Looking back through the window again…
I scanned through the lonely street,
As my tiny tears ran down through my face,
Hitting my rosy lips.

I guess I lost the key to my heart again…
I wondered when I’m going to open it back,
And dust off that lonely heart of mine.
I really need you...

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