Carefree Life

May 27, 2009
By ally presicci SILVER, Cameron, North Carolina
ally presicci SILVER, Cameron, North Carolina
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One little boy, just laying on a swing all alone.
It brings me back to how life used to be.
Just so simple, when you’re younger.
As the little boy just lays there, everything in life goes away for him.
All that matters to him is the swing that he hangs onto.
As I watch, the wind starts to blow.
The leaves fly around, and the little boys legs hang down, swinging, as
He sways side to side.
The smile on his face, just from one simple joy in life.
He slides off of the swing and runs with the wind.
I picture what I was like, running when I was young.
How carefree life used to be, no worries at all.
As I run back to my world, where I had no worries.
Running until someone tells you to stop.
Swinging all day long, through everything in life.
Just like that boy, I never worried at all.

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