May 27, 2009
By Callie Collins SILVER, Carthage, North Carolina
Callie Collins SILVER, Carthage, North Carolina
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I cried when I found out
How could someone like you do this?
At first I was sad but then I realized
What you have done
How do you think your parents felt?
Anger, sadness, fear,
I did
I was disappointed and scared for you
I dint know why you did this
When we got the news
I hoped you weren’t cold and scared
And alone
I wondered if it was your fault
Or his
I wondered why didn’t you say no
Or why you went along with it
Did you feel anger, sadness, fear and embarrassment
I know you did
I could sea you sitting there asking your self why
What happened
It’s over now don’t worry
The past is the past
You can’t change the past no matter what you do
No matter how much you pray, or say you’r sorry.
Its over.

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