Sweet and Sour

May 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Sweet and Sour

Life is laughter.
I live to laugh
The moments when,
You laugh so hard
You cry, or
You laugh so much
There’s pain in your stomach
Those are the moments,
Worth living for.

Life is tears.
Every now and then,
Tear drops will fall
For your eyes
From pain,
Or sorrow
You can’t keep it in
It’s okay to cry,
Even for boys.

Life is smiles.
Nothing beats
Putting a smile
On someone’s face
When you say or do something,
Seeing their face light up
Makes your day
It takes more muscle
To frown,
Than to smile

Life is change.
Nothing stays the same
With every passing day
We get a little bit wiser,
Maybe taller,
But regardless,
It’s change.

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