May 27, 2009
By soinlove SILVER, Parish, New York
soinlove SILVER, Parish, New York
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i hate no matter what happens the thoughts of you dont leave my mind. i try to look at this as a long vaction, this is not my home i dont belong here, with these selfish people. i hate that people are talkin to me i dont like that people are staring as i walk down the halls. its torture. Being seen sitting with my back to the world and my face down so no one can see the pain drainging from my eyes its like im trapped in a body that dispises its self everything and everyone haveing anything to do with this person gets huty or hope.. if love is the sweetest thing why do i hurt so much why do i feel anything really ive worked so hard to push feelings and the ability to feel ive pushed it all away locked it up and now i have left my gaurd down and feel nothing but pain and if people only new that these smiles they see are as fake as every person in this no good school my life would be complete

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