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May 27, 2009
By orlandofan73 SILVER, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
orlandofan73 SILVER, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
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She wakes up with the sun shining through her window
Her weak arms stretch and her mind yells bravo!
She stands up and walks to her mirror
The image of a child looks back and she knows she’s getting nearer

She looks down in the trash can where her hair lies
And silently, oh so silently she cries
She can’t believe she has made it this long
But her mom always told her she was headstrong

She reaches for her phone and dials the little keys
And she whispers into the phone, “Oh answer please”
The voice on the other end answers with a hello
And her heart just melts like a pile of jello

She smiles that lovely smile and talks a little while
He tells her he loves her and will come visit her in awhile
She hangs up the phone and lifts her hands in the air
Now she is trying to decide what to wear

Before she can make up her mind she collapses in a heap
Her time has finally run out, she has fallen fast asleep
Her mom hears the crash and runs into the room
She grabs the phone calls 911 and moves her daughter to the bathroom

He arrives on her doorstep looking oh so bright
But when the ambulance pulled up his heart kicked into flight
He sees his girl upon the floor, dead to his dismay
They put her in a coffin to be put on display

Days have past and the funeral has come and gone
But the legacy of the girl with cancer will always live on…

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