May 27, 2009
By p03ticxtr4g3dy BRONZE, Mill Spring, North Carolina
p03ticxtr4g3dy BRONZE, Mill Spring, North Carolina
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Silence invades the mind,
Fluttering fancifully as the sights and senses abound.
There is nothing but green and peace and quiet.
Quiet days, quiet nights, quiet.
Breaking the silence, birds chirp and wolves howl;
Nothing inhibits nature.

There stands no barrier between us and it;
It simply is.
We are intertwined together, with futile hopes of distancing ourselves.
Within our touch is life and all that it holds:
Beauty, birth, nature.

Peace speaks here.
The country sings with joy and laughter,
For no one has ever known differently.
Youth lives on, following the flowing paths of the mountains and rivers.
Nature knows no boundaries and all abide by its rules.
Peace, joy, nature.

Beauty here runs unbridled,
Un-harnessed by a time more modern than its own,
Untarnished by a decade far removed from the land it once held,
Unheard of by many who have yet to see it.
Un-harnessed, untarnished, and unheard of – ethereal, this land is removed.

Sighs unseen before complicate everything in this world.
People move in, take over, and remove nature.
We are untouched.
We are removed.
We are peace, and silence, and beauty,
Just waiting to be let free.

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