How Much Do You Love Me?

May 26, 2009
By vclim95 SILVER, Walnut Creek, California
vclim95 SILVER, Walnut Creek, California
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If you loved me,
You'd put yourself in my broken shoes
Walk a dozen miles until your feet bleed
You'd protect me from those evils
Take a bullet through your hard, thick skull
You'd stop me from drinking the poison
And let the hatred push through your veins
You'd stop time for me
Watch the sunset a million times
Until there's no gleam of sun left in the sky
You wouldn't let me freeze to death
Warm my heart up with sweet words
You'd stop your end of the world
Save me from Death
Give me that one breath
That pumps my lungs
And awakens me to realize
How much you really do love me.

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