A Second Glance at the Madness

May 26, 2009
By OrNot.. PLATINUM, Hammond, Louisiana
OrNot.. PLATINUM, Hammond, Louisiana
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" I close my eyes but I can't rest. My body is tired, my mind is wandering. From the past to the east to the west. Trying to take up the blame, you've already taken from me. Can anyone tell me how we learn to live with ourselves?"

It wasn't done right-not the way i planned
before i could think the moment was gone
washed away like letters in the sand
i wanted to tell you myself-just me nobody else's help
but he told you the words i was still too scared to say
i sat and watched as my fate was chosen for me
let someone else reveal my hidden truth
but it doesn't even matter because now you know
the power has fallen from my hands
like a rock tossed into my castle of sand
the waves have crashed upon the shore
and the friendship between us is no more

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