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May 26, 2009
By Julie Buskey SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Julie Buskey SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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“Where am I From?”

I’m from my first word “mama”,
From being dressed as a pumpkin on Halloween,
From swimming in kiddie pools with my sister on hot Florida days,
From dancing in my diaper to my beauty and the beast jewelry box.

I’m from swing sets at the park,
From slipping off the too-high-monkey bars,
From falling down and asking mommy to “kiss it and make it better”,
From aspiring to be a soccer all-star.

I’m from learning to snap for the first time in a McDonald’s Drive-Thru,
From jumping on my bed screaming spice girls at the top of my lungs,
From playing ghost in the graveyard in my cul-de-sac,
From tapping away in dance class.

I’m from catching raindrops on my tongue,
From first wishing upon a shooting star,
From trying to dominate at four square during recess,
From playing old school N64.

I’m from having fun,
From enjoying being a kid,
From defining the rest of my life,
From being me.

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