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May 26, 2009
By Will Armstrong BRONZE, Old Greenwich, Connecticut
Will Armstrong BRONZE, Old Greenwich, Connecticut
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Why are you so oblivious to my feelings when there so obvious

Lying is No Fun
When I close my eyes your right by my side
When we hang out its like a roller coaster ride
Im not telling im asking I want you and I to abide
With out you my insides would be died
I know what I did but I need a second chance I shouldn’t have lied
Baby if you let me stay I could be your guide
When im with you my heart beats louder than the crashing tide
Our relationship will be tighter than an animal hide
At this stage in our lives things can become quickly thin and wide
Its what you feel inside

Open the Envelope
Every now and then my heart goes rend
But with you my heart explodes like fire works
Cupid rains down an army of arrows when we talk
Your as agile as a cat but more majestic than a bald eagle
Don’t worry im there even when your so meagle
The thing that blows my mind is that your not shy when we walk
As we walk and talk and sit and chat each time you have more perks
When the day and time comes the letter you get will from me be send

Each Day
Even when your far away
I think about you every day

Window of Opportunity
Why am I staring at a mirror
When I should be staring at a window

Why-o-Why am I sitting on this bed
Why-o-Why cant I get you out of my head
Why-o-Why does the moon shine bright
Why-o-Why is my love brighter than the suns light
Why-o-Why do you haunt my dreams
Why-o-Why when you turned me down
My heart melted like 10,000 ice-creams

The New Girl
On that warm summer day
My heart skipped more than a beat
My life exploded with joy and happiness when we first talked
I mumbled my words and lost my train of thought
All I could think about was you
We were in the café and I didn’t want to embarrass myself
I knew that you were dating
But I vowed that one day you would be mine

Although its only been a day
You completely take my breath away
Your hair Your eyes explode in my mind
And I never want to leave you behind
If you were to be copied a thousand times
Only you would be perfect the rest should be fines

When im with you my breath is ripped
How to forget your best friend
Walking on the shore with out you
How to forget your best friend
Your sweet as the sun but what if the sun doesn’t rise
How to forget your best friend
Everything has it’s purpose
How to forget your best friend
Don’t leave me
How to forget your best friend
Good bye
I cant move on I can’t take it
How do you let go of your best friend

It Sucks
It sucks to be a teen
Falling back on the way of a tween
Damn butterflies in your stomach can all be seen
Altogether horrible like eating a bad bean
Nothing not part of this life stays lean
If only at this time our life wouldn’t careen
Knowing not what is not should not be keen
New people and places preposterously palletize paten
Every thing every one the opposite of serene
What ever the case life is never preen

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on Jun. 8 2009 at 12:36 am
xXsmileXx PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"Your dreams only become intangible when you stop reaching" ~me ;)

Sometimes i forget that its possible for a guy to write a poem this amazing. Awesome work. Keep writing!


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