May 26, 2009
By TorahAlways BRONZE, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
TorahAlways BRONZE, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
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Yea it’s true,
I know I’ve seen better days,
But without you,
I just can’t seem to help but think,
What can I do?,
I lost you anyways but,
I refused to,
Accept the fact that I’m still stuck on you.

And even though the atmosphere is now bitter cold,
I still dream of nights when you were there to hold,
And I would sink into a world of true happiness,
And just let your heart beat brush away my stress.

Now I think back,.
And I can still hear,
Ya sweet voice sweet whispering up in my ear,
Telling me that we would always be together,
And now I sit back,
Man where is my forever ?

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