Angels and Devils

May 26, 2009
By CharBear SILVER, Moses Lake, Washington
CharBear SILVER, Moses Lake, Washington
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There is this girl I know
Lived way out in the sticks
Had a way with every Jim, Billy, Bob, or Joe
Got herself in quite a fix

She fell in love with an angel one day
Clung to him with all her might
But she couldn't get him to stay
And he left her one night

She cried and cried, and cried some more
Then she did a horrible thing
She opened her heart's door
And invited in an old fling

She giggled and laughed and remained a whore
Dying more inside each day
Til one day she couldn't take it anymore
She retreated and shoved everyone away

Days passed, silent she stayed
Til one day her angel caressed her face
Her tears fell, much delayed
He held her in his comforting embrace

Her mistakes flashed through her mind
She cried harder yet
She had left everyone behind
Hoping they'd all forget

Her angel stayed with her
Warming her heart
Old feelings inside her he began to stir
But he couldn't give himself wholly, only part

She trudged from day to day
Waiting on time to speed
A lesson she learned, though, the hard way
She's the Devil's playtoy, he's always in the lead

There's this girl I knew
Who gave her heart and body away
So she got torn in two
Asking both an Angel and Devil out to play

One day she bartered with Fate
Drove a knife through her chest
She now lies in a cold, cruel crate
Her heart no longer beats in her breast

There's a lesson to be learned here, dears
Your life is your own
Don't give in to your fears
Or you'll find yourself in front of the Devil's throne

The author's comments:
Story of my life for a long time.

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