May 26, 2009
By Crannycake BRONZE, Oakland, California
Crannycake BRONZE, Oakland, California
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Every morning when I wake up
You are the first thing I think about
I am so lucky to have you as MY boyfriend
No-one is as perfect for me as you are
I’ve never felt these kind of feelings before
when I’m in your presence, the world is perfect.
You put the smile on my face and joy in my eyes.

Your words mean everything to me.
You know just what to say,
To make everything right
With you by my side I feel I can handle anything.

You’re beautiful,
in every way possible.
I know you have your own problems
that are sometimes hard to let out.

Please let me be the one you can open up to
I will be your shoulder to cry on
let me catch you if you fall
And I’ll forever be the girlfriend you need me to be.

I’m the happiest with you.
When you hold me,
my heart warms up,
and I never want to let go.

I love spending time with you
Staring at you
Hugging you
Kissing you
Loving you

So one day
Instead of having to wake up,
Thinking of you
Maybe I’ll wake up
Next to you…

The author's comments:
This is about my boyfriend. Been together for over a year.

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