Just Daddy

May 26, 2009
By Rachel Garrison BRONZE, Abingdon, Maryland
Rachel Garrison BRONZE, Abingdon, Maryland
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Strong fingers fit like puzzle pieces between my delicate hands.
Wiry hair that looks best when it’s messy.
Teva tanlines and long summer nights.
Watered down scotch and strong cologne.
Words spoke slowly to make an impact.
A stern face to state a fact.
A tall spirit with so much to say.
So much time, so little to do.
A white truck named Moby.
A black cat named Fel.
I wouldn’t change you for the world.
You were and always will be “just Bob”
But I changed that.
You were and always will be “just Daddy.”

The author's comments:
This was written about my step-father, and everyone that knows him calls him "Just Bob." When he married my mom, him and I got really close and I wanted to write something to him to show how much I appreciate his presence in our lives.

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