The Past in the Present

May 26, 2009
Bright, vivid, rolling green grass

Stretched across miles and miles of fields.

Glittered with sparkling droplets of dew

Capturing the morning sunlight like a camera capturing a memory.

Old, wooden, picket fences

They once kept the cows in the pasture;

Now they are useless

Prickling the countryside like paint dripping off a painting.

Dull, stone, towering ancient castles

The royalty is long gone

Yet the presence of a king remains

Like an archaic artifact uncovered from the dirt

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xBaByGiRrL22x said...
May 2, 2010 at 9:46 pm
wow ur really talentedd. ive always wntd 2 go 2 europe! england, france, germany & italy r the placez im putting on my 2-see list;)) <3 ur work
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