May 26, 2009
By Kevin Aquino SILVER, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
Kevin Aquino SILVER, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
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I came home from the strip club
Only to find my window shattered
Glass splattered everywhere across the floor
No one was in the house
Nothing seemed to be stolen
What was this person’s motive
He didn’t come for money
Didn’t come for valuables
Just came in through the window
I struggled to think of an explanation
But nothing came to mind
Some people you just cannot figure out
But then I realized
What I had done last summer
It was all coming back to me now
The horrid flashback was now in my mind
The blood, the terror, the agony
I knew this person came back for revenge
I quickly boarded up all the windows
Locked every single door
And even bought a machine gun
Because I knew this person would be back
And this time I would be ready
I waited in my house for five straight nights
Nothing but silence and the sound of crickets
Then, a tremendous crashing sound erupted
A man came crashing through the door
In his hand was a machete
He had scars all across his face
The time has come
I raced toward the man
Ready for battle
The mysterious man threw something
It was a grenade and it was about to explode
I barreled through the wall and landed on my lawn
The man was not so lucky
My house was burned to the ground along with him
It was now all over, nothing to be said
I moved into a new house
Never to speak of what happened again

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