May 27, 2009
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Black cats, witches, all so scary when you’re young.
Exposing yourself to the dark night,
All dressed up and ready to go.
Focus on getting the perfect costume.
Out into the dark Halloween night.

The picture that I found.

Just a ten year old girl dressed up posing for a picture.
Tiara, wand, and little green wings.
Shiny gold shoes, and a little green dress.
The cut on my knee, where a scar now lies.

I picture myself running up to doors, getting candy, and having fun.
When everything was simpler, and no glares came my way
Got all dressed up and went to have fun,
if only for one day each year.

All the pictures, but this one brings out the most in me.
Halloweens and dressing up…the best memories,
Always there when everything in your head
seems to fade away.

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