These Have I loved

May 26, 2009
By Destiny Cooper BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
Destiny Cooper BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
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These things have I loved: the scent of the smoke clinging to my skin after a barbeque,
The sound of my own footsteps, rustling through the leaves,
Running barefoot on the beach feeling with each step, the gritty sand between my toes,
Falling asleep to the beat of another’s heart
Crickets chirping
Shooting stars
Dancing in the rain
The first snowfall
The feel of the thunder rattling beneath my feet
The warmth of my laundry, fresh out of the dryer
Exchanging smiles with strangers passing on the streets
The smile of a small child, teeth still red from a cherry Popsicle
The sight of the rainbow glimmering in the mist of the garden hose
Creaky stairs.

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