May 26, 2009
Dear (insert your name here),

You broke my heart, Without even having to know me. So I am writing this to you. To tell you I’m done. I am no longer gonna wish you were mine. When I see your smile I will make my heart keep beating. When you’re talked about, I won’t know who you are. When I hear the “he is so amazing”, I’ll say “really? I’ve never noticed”. I’m going to pretend that you’re just like all the others, cause in the end that’s exactly what you were. As from this moment it will be my goal to make you dead to me. But it is hard. You are the one for me, or at least that’s what I believed for a long time. When you try to talk to me, I won’t let you see me. I’ll block out the sound of your laugh, even though I can pick it out of the whole cafeteria.
My heart should be use to this by now, but it is not. It still hurts just as hard every time. When you use to try to make me laugh it would make my day. Now I’ll never laugh for you again. But you are not going to know this. Cause your never gonna read this. I’m going to burn it, than as I watch the peaces break, crumble and turn black, I’ll try not to let my heart do that. As I go on facing my forever trying not to feel for you.

The one you never really knew.

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Alik_=) said...
Jun. 3, 2009 at 11:21 pm
Hanah! There's so much emotion! I luv u!
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