Be With Me

May 26, 2009
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Be With Me

You say I should be with you
You say I’m tryna act like I’m
I should be with you

You speak clearer; I hear your heart
I grow closer
I should be with you

My tears fall on your chest
This is what being with you is like
It kills me inside, my heart beat
I should be with you

You scream, “Try harder, we supposed to be equal,”
My heart jumps
I sit there speechless
A constant thump on my back
I should be with you

I hear beeps in my ear
Tears on your legs
A piano beat between my
The light flickers, lights, camera, action

This is every girl’s dream
Like a movie scene, the camera records
I should be with you

Being with you, I flash and see what’s ahead
“Be with me, be with me,”
This constant phrase
My mind washed like a bleached shirt
Being with you is so dysfunctional
Why should I be with you?

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