Tomorrow Never Came (Dissonant Heartbeats)

May 26, 2009
By Douglas LeCours SILVER, Danville, New Hampshire
Douglas LeCours SILVER, Danville, New Hampshire
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You are the constant song inside my head,
Lingering, never ceasing to exhilarate me.
Telling me to dance, to walk, to run
With no path, purpose, or reason.
To feel alive.
To live.

You are the mystifying enigma I want to explore,
To delve into as deep as you allow,
To discover the secrets, longings, hopes, and wishes you harbor.

You are the cause of my insomnia,
The reason my mind steadily races
With thoughts of what the future may bring,
And how you, how I, how we
Will fit into its lush tapestry.

You are the uncharted island I have yet to conquer,
Shielded by eyes of the clearest blue,
Like tumultuous waters: only allowing those strong enough
to survive the journey to enjoy the delights you offer.

You are the reason I can't sleep,
My eyes sifting through a slide show of familiar, comforting photographs of your face.

You are the reason I can't think straight.
The reason my pulse quicken and my heart beats
To the passionate clock-tic of fleeting romance.

Will you be there tomorrow?
Will your heart beat in time with mine?

The author's comments:
I miss the way we were.

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