May 26, 2009
By Golden BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
Golden BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
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“Chaos” is confusion and disorder

Gets me sick sometimes

I wanna run for the border

I’m so frustrated because I got to have order

What’s the world coming to

It’s “chaos” all over the place

People selling drugs to get money to look new
Now it’s crazy cause mother’s can’t get jobs to their child a new shoe

Momma’s cryin every night
The judge sentenced their kids to do 12 years
Now kids are sitting , staring at the cell block light
Thinking about how they made that person lose sight

People as dead to former friends as a doornail
Quiet, in its own way
“Chaos” takes over and put half the world in jail
Some of the streets are so poor we can’t post bail

Shadows teasing those who are scared of them
“Chaos” is just crazy
Now days it’s not enough money to make a film
But the kids today are all about hustling and getting the best rockawear and denim

The author's comments:
basically what my poem is saying is that the world is becoming a out of order place to live now days.

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