Trail of Tears

May 26, 2009
By Jacob Kohler BRONZE, Saint Joseph, Michigan
Jacob Kohler BRONZE, Saint Joseph, Michigan
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Does our country own the shame I think it should? For the pain they caused the Cherokee nation that once stood
50,000 proud

White men burst in with their guns and knives and threatened these peaceful native's lives

The deathmarch begins

So with resistance my grandparents went only to endure such pain and torment

With bayonet in their back and gun to their head sadness in their hearts as they began to drop dead

Some were wounded, many were killed, mine escaped

In the thick of the wood my grandparents ran no where to go, they had no plan

They spent many a sleepless night mourning the loss of their beloved tribe

When the deathmarch was done less than half remained.....

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