How far does it go?

May 26, 2009
By Danielle Balderas BRONZE, El Cajon, California
Danielle Balderas BRONZE, El Cajon, California
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The way you move, your body and mind
Makes me wonder, what about mine?
If I perceive you this way, how do you take me?
I see your imperfections, can you see my flaws?
I hope so because they feel so many.
It feels unjust for one to observe and not be observed.
What is our purpose, is it in vain and unnoticed?
What I would give for your appreciation.
To hear your laugh, hold your hand,
Feel your joy, share in your sorrow.
A friend like you isn’t found very often.
I would sacrifice it all, just for you.
Would you do the same for me?
But how can you ask that of a friend?
How can you ask them to choose?
They may just not say what you want to hear and then what?
What then, when your heart becomes broken.
Will I have the strength to recover, or will I keep that scar with me.
I should hope I could forget, but never you.
I will always remember you….
What you said, wrote and how you made me feel.

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