May 26, 2009
By Anonymous


Patience packed for the long awaited fishing trip to Michigan.
He sat calmly in the truck during the 6 hour drive.

Patience arrived at the lodge, unpacked his belongings, and left right for the stream.
He strapped on his waders, grabbed his fly rod, and waded into the calm, clear water.

Patience surveyed the ferocious feeding frenzy of trout around him.
A blue-winged-olive hatch was taking place and the trout were sucking in the tiny flies before they could break away from the water.

Patience grabbed his fly box and tied on the best imitation of a tiny blue winged olive that he came upon.
He carefully started a cast towards a fish
Patience made a perfect gentle cast right in the line of the fish.

He watched as the slow current swept his fly right to the trout’s nose.
The trout spotted the fly, darted towards it, and turned away at the last second.

Patience wouldn’t be frustrated by the trout’s refusal.
He castled again and again right to the fish but it would not acknowledge it.

Patience tied on another fly and repeatedly casted to the fish
He must have tied on a million flies but that fish would not budge
Most anglers would have given up long ago.

Patience finally said “ill try one last fly before I go”
He couldn’t rush this cast it had to be perfect.
He brought the line back and forth and set the fly down on the water upstream.

The current looked as though it would never bring the fly to the fish.
The fly floated right past the fish’s nose.
But then the fish darted after it at the last second and splash.
Patience startledly set the hook and as the drag hissed down stream,
He realized all his patience paid off.

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