Trapped in a Snow globe

November 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Some say the Earth was made by God,
and some tell the tale in science.
Some scoff and shake their head
in complete and utter defiance.

Perhaps you are
that kind of human
who settles for what you’re told.
One that excepts the given.
But I’d like to be so bold,
and declare;
that as for me,
I’d like to see
the world in my own eyes.

Well since we can’t decide
about the world in which we reside,
we should push away these clever theories
and let your mind run wild.
Think like a little child…

There! The light bulb is lit.
An idea has come to mind.
Now listen up and brace yourself,
For this idea will surely better
the existence of mankind!

We are all in a snow globe,
a glorious snow globe,
one that awakens
with every wind.

Come now, I’m being serious…
look up and all around
at our half-sphere like sky
then back at our flat ground.

Tell me now honestly,
does it not look like a snow globe?

And look at our stars,
those wonderful stars,
do they not look like snowflakes?
Un-fallen snowflakes
clinging to the ceiling
of our exquisite snow globe.
They are waiting for a shake,
or shall we call it,
an earthquake?

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