May 26, 2009
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America, America, you're beautiful I hear

but in your government I see flaws that cause me despondency and fear.

You're indebtedness is growing by the billions every day

and when the helpless are oppressed you uncaringly turn away.

You have no borders and politicians take orders from those who bribe with ease

but the good politicians with admirable traditions are dismissed and brought to their knees.

Fifteen percent in poverty, on this the Gods would surely frown,

the rich are too greedy the poor are too needy to turn their lives around.

Your ethics in shambles; drunkards that gamble and sex that's no longer respected,

it seems as though America once the capital of virtue is now morally infected.

You once saved the world from Kremlins and Kaisers but now can't even save yourself,

from the sickness and sadness and all of the badness that comes from the terrorist himself.

America, America, the once beautiful country I heard

It's too bad it's ceased to exist all because it was morally absurd.

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