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May 25, 2009
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Do you have a passion?
Everybody does.
As a kid, running around
collecting rocks,
playing with friends,
running, jumping, swinging.
You love it.
There’s passion.

Pick the strings of your guitar.
Paint a beautiful masterpiece.
Make a tackle.
Shoot a game-winning three.
Put your heart and soul into it.
Commit yourself.
This is passion.

You mature.
You meet somebody,
the love of your life.
Two hearts entwined,
bound by love.
Staring into each other’s eyes.
What lies in the space between
is passion.

The clock is ticking.
You try your hardest
to do what you love
one more time.
Go fishing as you did
in your youth.
Love your family
with all your heart.
Keep on pushing, and
live on.
Find your passion.

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